Coughlin and Associates offers a variety of programs to suit our wide variety of clients. Every position opening and every candidate is special; it takes a thorough and professional approach to make the resulting relationship a sound one. When assigned a position by our clients, we will request detailed information to better understand the job content, the organization's structure, the career experience needed and the personal qualities necessary for maximum effectiveness on the job.

Coughlin and Associates business procedures are designed to protect the confidentiality of all parties involved. All data is carefully safeguarded to keep sensitive information and plans from your competition, the trade, and to protect the position of your incumbent. The identity of your company is only released to potential candidates at your direction.

Coughlin and Associates systems, services and structure offer the highest degree of professionalism, industry knowledge, objectivity and speed which no placement agency, executive search firm, franchise, or general recruiting service can match.

Our firm will evaluate the manpower situation and propose the most efficient solution; it will most likely encompass one of the methods listed below. 

Contingency Search

    In this type of search, the client lists a position vacancy with our firm and agrees to remit the appropriate fee if a candidate submitted by us is hired.

Retainer Search

    In a retainer search, a client and Coughlin and Associates contractually agrees to conduct a specific assignment on a totally exclusive arrangement. This approach incorporates the use of an extremely meticulous recruitment process which is generally reserved for top level executive positions, or for situations when confidentiality considerations become an issue. Retainer search involves the prepayment of the fee in 33% increments: at the beginning of the search, again at 30 days into the search, and the balance upon the conclusion.

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    If for any reason an applicant should not remain in your employ for six (6) months, we shall refill the position at no additional cost to your organization.