Coughlin and Associates is an executive search/placement firm specializing in servicing the Food retail, wholesale, manufacturer, foodservice, consulting and related industries. As industry specialists, we feel it is possible to service the food trade with better efficiency than the average search firm.

 Coughlin and Associates was founded on the belief that loyalty and commitment to our clients and applicants must be placed above all other considerations. Coughlin and Associates can grow only if we give service more effectively than anyone else. Our clients and applicants are assured a service that is tailored to their specifications.

 Coughlin and Associates believes that the changing of a job/career is one of the most important and stressful times in anyone's life. Therefore, we handle each applicant like he/she is a family member. We are honest with you in our appraisals and company profiles, making sure this change is good for you and your career. If at any time during the interview process we feel this is not a good match for both you and the company you're interviewing with, we will recommend against taking the position.

 Our service does not stop once a placement has been made. After the applicant starts with the company, we continue to follow up with the company, the applicant, and his/her family to ensure that the transition is going smoothly.